What Makes Good Web Design? ?>

What Makes Good Web Design?

When it comes to web design, we now have endless options for making each website unique. For some, the options might be too plentiful, making it difficult to know just what is appropriate and what should be left out.


It’s our belief that knowing what frustrates consumers is most important. Once you know which elements to avoid, it’s then easier to get creative elsewhere. We don’t want to constrain our readers with those things you should do as we’re firm believers in allowing the creative process to flow. Rather, we’ve created a list of those things that you should steer clear from.

Elements to Avoid in Web Design:

  1. Overly flashy advertisements – Everyone would like to make a buck or two off of their website. However, there’s a fine line between what’s appropriate and what could give visitors to your site a headache. Stay away from ads that flash or anything that makes noise. If a user starts to hear an advertisement and then find trouble locating the ad to turn it off, they will usually exit your website fairly quickly. Displaying as minimal ads as possible is ideal – this is why you want to be sure the ones you are displaying are relevant. The more related the ads you place on your site are to your industry, the more revenue you’re likely to make off of them anyways.
  2. Pop-up windows – You spend all of this time creating these wonderful articles and pages, and then when readers are interested or even hooked-in, you interrupt them with a pop-up window. Often times, the reader will exit out of the window and continue on, so at least they’re not exiting the site. However, you’re now creating an inconvenience for them, even if just a small one, and because they’re irritated by the pop-up window, they’re not participating in the call to action anyways. You’re better off hinting to the “Newsletter Sign-up” form on your side bar from time to time. People tend to be turned off when they know they’re being swayed.
  3. Unnecessary content – We’ve all heard the expression, “More isn’t always better.” And here, that’s just the case. When people go to your website, it’s because they’re looking for useful content and information. They don’t want to have to cut through all the clutter just to find it. Be sure anything you have on your website it helpful and/or useful. Be impeccable with your word so that every sentence matters. Don’t send your readers on a wild goose chase to find the information they came for.

Keep in mind that web design is a timely process, especially for those who are unfamiliar in the first place. If you do chose to design your own site, be patient and make sure each element fits the tone you’re going for. On the other hand, if you decide you’d prefer to save the time and hire a professional, there are plenty of companies that can help. Regardless of if you’re looking for a great New York City or Greenville, SC web design company, you’ll be sure to find folks who can do the job quickly and beautifully.

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